About us

We are Taxiisladelapalma, we are taxi professionals dedicated to the transportation of people throughout the island of La Palma.

Since our inception, Taxiisladelapalma has always stood out as a benchmark for quality with a very customer-oriented service. Our vehicles are extensive, our drivers are experts and we have a wide variety of tours so that everyone can get to know La Palma.

We are your trusted taxi!

When a person comes to La Palma he does it, on many occasions, with a lack of knowledge about places, monuments, companies, fun … Taxiisladelapalma is in charge of making anyone know La Palma in a fun and very effective way.

  • Official Taxi – Our fleet is integrated only by taxi drivers who know La Palma perfectly.
  • Trust – You will receive confirmation that we will be waiting for you upon your arrival.
  • Punctual – Punctuality is one of our maxims. We will be right when you need us.
  • Languages – We speak Spanish but also English.
  • Spacious – If you need a large vehicle we have it.
  • Experience – Our tours are fully consolidated and our drivers are experts.


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